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The mink studio is a boutique photography house, specialising in lifestyle (free-range) documentary photography. We are a close team of experienced photographers and passionate story-tellers. Together we work as a collective of doco-artists producing a portfolio of work that celebrates the quirks that are individuality... ours and yours.

Your uniqueness is our muse and we're constantly striving to tell your story, through your experience and with our lens.

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Just a note on pricing...

Akwardly, for some, we don't have a set pricelist. Rather, we run more of a bespoke MENU system.

What this means is that there's no budget we can't accommodate. We won't compete with less competent, less experienced wanna-be part-time 'photographers', so don't bother quote shopping us. That might sound snobby but we've been-there-done-that. We've well and truly earned our stripes. We won't be dragged into an 'inclusions' or 'packages' system of pricing the experiences we offer against the start-ups who are just learning the art. When you buy a cheaper photographer you pay in experience for them to learn on the job. Practice is the only way you can hone this craft... we have been doing this for 12+ years... just worth keeping in mind.

If you are prepared to work with us on your budget, we are happy to meet you where you're comfortable. We understand this is a unique way of working, but that is something we are used to being... unique. We offered the first wedding photobooth in Adelaide way back when and our collaborative shooting process means we are pretty individual with how we schedule out your day too. We take a pretty personal and practical approach to weddings, and life in general really, so there's no reason this common sense can't apply to costings. We're honest and generous and will do our very best to make your budget work if you really want us to cover your day.  

So if after pouring through our galleries you have fallen in love our eye for observation and would genuinely like us to capture your day we will find a way to make it happen on your budget. xx

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We try to keep things fresh and we are happy to suggest or even completely plan your shoot. Doing something different for each wedding we shoot is really important in order to showcase the personalities and uniqueness of the people we work with.

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We won't price-match because you are paying for our service as well as our product and we have learned lately that our level of service is very unique in this industry.

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We have kept things small, deliberately.

The photographic documentaries we produce are hand-made... they are a labour of love. They are also pretty labour-intensive and a bit of a perfectionist's artform! So we can't just churn them out. The results are something we're really proud of.

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Reactions and responses are something we are constantly guaging, and we can get there slightly ahead of the actual moment just through experience.

Although every wedding is of course different, we can anticipate and react to a response by paying careful attention and following the action throughout the day, all day. It's what we love most about what we do. We know when to expect the greatest emotions from you, and those around you, and we know how to capture it best.

This is our job, not just a hobby but a life's work with each of us investing years in the field. That's a lot of photos.

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We don't force anything and we're not around to make things happen to a script. However, we will step up and get directorial when required... we know you need our experience to show you the way and we are each very happy to take chanrge when needs arise. But mostly we are there to see and record the special small moments, as well as the big ones. These can't come from anywhere but reality.

It's our job to observe emotions, moments, personalities and dynamics. And record them for you to remember.

Wedding Stories

We've been organising brides, grooms, bridal parties, guests and families around and through these massive emotional events for over 12 years now. We can navigate a wedding and all the highs and lows very well.

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Check out this very sweet little vid... Jodie and Mark at Longview. We were honoured to be chosen to document their wedding as Mark's family own the winery and see many photographers throughout the course of each wedding season. The fact they chose us for this very important job really boosted our confidence... we're so very flattered.

Jodie + Mark, Longview Vineyard :: https://vimeo.com/72790649

And then there's this one featuring Ellen and Jason at The Lane. we are preferred suppliers here also so speak to us about all the special little secret spots where we find the best light!!

Ellen + Jason, The Lane Winery :: http://vimeo.com/53843907

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We work in pairs for almost every wedding day. This means our pricing is already compensating for two photographers throughout the majority of the day. However, like everything we offer, this can be adjusted to suit your wedding, timeline, budget and requirements. Working in pairs gives us oppprtunity to look up... and around... and to value the environment as well the 'main' action. These details inform the overall 'vibe' of your wedding and mean we can document what it felt like to be there and not just what it looked like.

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Our pricing is pretty unique. Product-wise we don't offer the 'all inclusive package' and a set pricelist to choose from. Rather we have a base we begin from and we work up incrementally from there in hourly blocks.

This means you can decide exactly how long you want us for based on not only coverage requirements but on budget too.

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You will need to set aside around $3000-$3500 for our work, and we're pretty sure this is an average across the board. This is a rough guide but should cover your day to our expectations in most cases.

We are competitive but we won't price-match, especially when asked to match to new photographers offering full day packages for next-to-nothing. We've been in this business a long time by comparison to most in the industry, let alone the newbies, and we charge accordingly.

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Our costs cover our organisation and time-management skills not just on the day, but in the lead up to the day. And afterwards. This in turn reduces your stress as well as your risk of things going wrong.

It means we will answer the phone when you ring, reply to your emails and deliver your images either via post, collection in studio or drive them out to you. This may sounds like something you should expect in the industry, but actually it isn't. We have spoken recently to numerous clients who advised they weren't able to get in contact with photographers for initial enquiries.. their calls simply went unanswered. And similarly, they had heard stories from friends about images not being made available after their weddings, or changes to clauses in contracts meaning they had issues after signing and having their wedding photography undertaken.

That's not our style.

You are paying for our people-magagement skills and our ability to do two things at once, such as watching the main action and photographing the peripheral. Or the face of a beautiful, beaming bride coming down the aisle as well as that of her mother and her groom. Or our time-keeping and people-wrangling at the moment family photographs are called for.

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When we work with you our service is all inclusive and pretty comprehensive.

You are paying for our production of your work... our 'perfectionist' editing and careful curating of your moments. The inclusion of moments throughout your documentary that make all the difference despite their fleetingness.

Your costs cover our professional wedding-scheduling ability and our ability to run your day for you much like an event manager would for the timeframe we are with you. We'll throw in our ability to calm your nerves and never miss a beat. We will make you laugh and keep you relaxed.

We are not just photographers, and there really is a difference.

{Kara + Troy, Mackay, Queensland}

The true cost you pay is in the trust you place in your photographer and for this investment our expectations of ourselves are very high. Not all photography is created equal.

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As photographers we can always get our hands on albums, prints, extra USB's, non-watermarked images... all that is the easy stuff. The sales and after-sales of product is easy.

We offer these products but they're not our focus.

We focus instead on the quality of the photography. We don't have to up-sell anything else because if you love the photograhy you want to celebrate it. Our albums sell themselves. Pretty simple really. We feel it's most important to focus on the quality of our service-stuff... the stuff that makes your experience professional, personal, stress-free, organised and pleasurable in more ways than just the printing of images.

Our costs include our passion to engage with your family, your friends and of course your bridal party to ensure we see the true self in everybody. They include our keen desire to ensure all runs smoothly throughout your day and that everyone enjoys their experience with us. Costs include our behind-the-scenes work lining up our preferred shots with your celebrant, negotiating angles with your videographer, even taking the flowers from a brides hands during the congratulations excitement to ensure we get clear shots of her joy when she is hugged by her loved ones.

Our costs include the pinning of lapel flowers, because we know which side and how high to wear them. We will tie bowties and remind the bestman to bring the ring. We will get right in there and make sure things are as perfect as they can be, not just for the photography but for you. All day.

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Our costs include our 12+ individual years of experience doing this for a living. Our university degrees in fine art and photography. Our on going study in editing and production or ongoing training of new up-and-coming artist-photographers.

But most importantly our costs include our vision, our ability to see what no one else does at the split second we need to. To read your emotions and understand your expectations. You are paying for our expertise in creating artwork from your moments and to love your memories before you do, before they even are memories. This is something we can't 'match' any photographer on, because they can't match us.

We're all for full disclosure and can run through everything we offer, as well as providing detailed descriptions, when we meet you. From albums to printing, jpegs and just time alone... we can design something that works for you.

We've been quietly working away, building our brand and developing our niche for over a decade now... our reputation is excellent for a reason.

We deal largely with word-of-mouth referral clients and this is because people enjoy our work and see value in what we offer. A friend recommending a friend really is the best form of promotion there is, and we work hard to keep that going. We have deliberately chosen quality over quantity. And always will.

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Love x
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