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Art + Style is where we will feature our evolving range of albums and printing products to compliment the documentaries we produce.

We offer three designs for Thank You, Save The Date, or just whatever. These are available as Folding Cards and Post Cards.

We currently have two album styles on offer and these are individually presented here for you to compare... they each have our signature style in their composition and quality. Each are available in two or three sizes.

We have used the same album building company since we began our business, over twelve years ago. This is an Australian owned and operated company, family run and very lovely indeed. The man with his name over the door often still answers the phone when we ring. Or his daughter does. I like this in a business. Importantly they've been great to work with throughout that time, evolving their style and refining their products with the times. There's a real connection between the simplicity of the albums they build and the minimalism in the designs we put together, so it's a perfect match for us.

Though there are many colours and styles available, we have chosen to stick to pretty simple albums to support our work. We have several colours and cover options across the range. All pages and, where required, mats are kept white. Embossing is simple. Stitching is minimal. This is because we believe the album works to support the story of the photography and shouldn't be overpowering. All albums are archival quality.

Album Designing

In 2000 I wrote my Honours thesis titled The White Space. I was finishing my Fine Art studies and majoring in Curatorial Studies. After all the art practice and theory, training, learning and assessments throughout the previous five years of art study, I was most intrigued by the ability the gallery has to empower art and influence the viewer... and tell a story through art placement. Quite often a gallery will place an artwork in a corner for effect. Or in a gilt frame to reflect a paintings' value. You can find works of art by individual artists grouped closely together for contrast, or connection. Or a sole piece on a white wall without neighbours. In any case, each artwork, or lack thereof, instructs the viewer through placement in as much as content. 

Angie, B.Va (Hons)

This background informs our visual telling of your story... as photographers we must keep in mind our own 'observer effect' so we don't manipulate the story of you. In the same way, the albums we design are 'the white space' we create around the art that is your wedding documentary. So keeping their design is deliberate on our behalf.

In addition, we are booking an increasing number of interstate and international clients and so the images of each album in this gallery are becoming more detailed. It's because a lot of these clients like the idea of an album but need to see what they're buying. Each of the album sub-headings have full album spreads featured for this very reason. We're trying to get as specific as we can.

Gallery image

We offer a range of options for albums and have kept our deliberately affordable. These really are the best way to showcase our work and your day, allowing us to best summarise our particular style of visual narative. So it works for you because you get a llovely album where you may not have thought you could afford one, and it works for us as we get to showcase our work and your day in the very best light.

We have linen, buckram and 100% genuine leather albums to choose form. There are 2 styles and a couple of different sizes. So we rae pretty well set up to suit just about any price point. It just comes down to your preference and budget.


Love x
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