The Nutshell Album

The Nutshell Album is pretty much just that, a more summative album than The Narrative Album. These are the newest addition to the mink studio album family and we're loving them... just when we thought we were at capacity album love.

The summative nature of The Nutshell Album is due mainly to it's sizing (dimensions) and more limited flexibility with the number of pages it contains. However, the price point is certainly reflective of this and therefore The Nutshell makes a really great affordable album option. It's still plenty beautiful too, as you will see through this gallery, and certainly doesn't feel like a compromise in quality... just a slightly smaller size. 

Specifications ::

Cover :: textural linen in Oatmeal or Storm

Cover Embossing :: not available

Flyleaf Embossing :: included

Printing :: digital pages with border

Number of Pages :: set at 10 pages / 20 sides and 20 pages / 40 sides

Extra Pages :: not available

Album Size (dimensions) :: below...

MEDIUM :: 8 inch x 8 inch square in protective flip top box

SMALL :: 6 inch x 6 inch square in protective sleeve

Ordering :: all albums are designed by the studio using in-house software provided by and linked back to the supplier for ordering. Draft 'album proofs' are provided to the client via .pdf on email. Clients will then check and amend these proofs where necessary and respond to the studio for next draft to be prepared with their amendments. This process has been tried and tested and we have founf this to be the best method for drafting and proofing album designs. Two additional draft 'proofs' will be provided after the initial design, after which a design amendment fee is applied where necessary. All clients must sign off on the approval for the final draft to initiate album ordering. This part of the process can take as long as needed to ensure the final approved draft is 100% to the clients' satisfaction.

Production Turnaround :: 4 weeks from order / final signed approval from client.

Quality Notes :: We've never, ever had a quality issue and anytime we've needed anything our need has been answered immediately. In an industry where the cheaper, overseas options are all too available, we have deliberately chosen to maintain a relationship with smaller, Australian-grown, quality producer. It's about ethics in business. And quality.

Gallery image

Slightly textured linen cover, measuring 12 inches by 12 inches.

(The album photographed is actually a much smaller version, being only 6 x 6 inches, however the features remain the same)

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So, like the Grey Album, the Linen Album has digitally printed pages meaning we can be slightly more creative with the layouts than we can when bound by the mats as in the White Album.

However, unlike the Grey Album, the Linen Album does not allow for full digital spreads, so we can't run a single image across the facing pages like we can in the Grey Album. Each page must be individually mounted and in doing so leaves a small, 3mm-5mm border around the edge of each page. This is neat and tidy and even throughout the album.

The digital pages are mat / satin finish, so nothing too glossy. And because this album isn't built entirely by the album supplier, as the Grey Album has to be, it is also at the slightly-more-affordable end of the price range.

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Love x
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