Proof Books

These are the Proof Books that come as standard with every wedding we shoot.

The REGULAR Proof Book fits 9 images per page and 80 pages per book. So it fits 720 images in total. We've been using these books for ever, starting in the days when we shot 35mm film and we couldn't give the clients the film strip negatives (I know, we look too young right?). So we would have the film strips printed into Contact Sheets (they were the days) and provide a bound book of the contacts for clients to pour over and decide which they wanted printed.

Yes, we know things have changed. But the evolution of that fruity technology we all carry around with us does not necessarily mean the death of Ye Olde Proof Book. A Proof Book is still a great way to show peeps your final cut from the day... saves sharing a computer desk with your mum while she squints at every image individually from your disk I say. Hooray to that.

But you do have the option of taking the Proof Book out of your 'package' (ooooh, hate to even say that word) and saving yourselves some cashola, and that's fine. Bepoking your day is what we're all about.

And because we're really into the concept of bespoking, you also have the option also of upgrading it to the LARGE Proof Book which is a 10" x 14" version, with 12 images per page. It's still 80 but the pages are larger, there are more images per page and so we can fit 960 impressively informative images inside. Yay!

Love x
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