SnapAbout Photobooth

So, the best news yet?!

We run our very own mink Photo Booth... leaving you with one less thing to organise for the day and coordinating the booth in with your pre-dinner drinks or reception. But it's not called the mink booth (too obvious we thought!), it's called SnapAbout.

We have actually run a booth of sorts since about 2009, quietly offering it here and there as needed. But we're going to get a bit more forward about it in the coming seasons... it's a great concept and one that's not going anywhere it seems. We were conscious it might be a passing 'fad' and so watched and learned and then thought about the best uses for SnapAbout a little. We do thinking very well. And now we've come up with a few great ways to maximise it's use on a wedding day/night and to keep it relevant and useful. So now it's time to get serious about it all!

Where you place it and when we actually run it is completely up to you. It's an Open Booth, which means it forms part of the entertainment in itself AND guests can see the performances happening inside! We will work out with you the best combination of timing and placement to ensure you get maximum impact from the booth though... you bet your bottom dollar on it.

So we can just shoot your silly guests inside the booth, or we can shoot+print, or we can shoot+print+stick, or we can shoot+print+stick+organise your guest book / album too. Let's chat further, shall we?

SnapAbout Photobooth... Silly or Serious?

So it's up to you, and your guests, just how silly things get in the booth. And we have a rule... what happens in the booth, stays in the booth.

However, as already mentioned, this is an Open Booth, so it's not really all that private! That's a bonus though, because it means that what happens in the booth also becomes great entertainment for all those watching the booth shennanigans! Double whammy!

Unlike the closed booths operating around the place, the SnapAbout Photobooth is an open backdrop with an actual LIVE photographer. She will run the participants through their paces. But the important part of this is that she's there to control proceedings to a degree... if you would prefer no props to be used, then so be it. If you are well up for props and more, then we can do that too. But it doesn't have to be silly all the time and there is certainly space made for those couples who just want to come in and have a nice pic taken.

SnapAbout Photobooth... Props

We have our own chalk boards, backdrops and props. We also bring lollies, ideas and personality! You can choose from our backdrops or you can provide your own to matc your wedding theme. You can add to the props for the night too if you like.

We also bring a pro studio light and photographer. She's very important.

And then there's the printer.

We set all this up for you prior to the shoot time, and pack it all down again afterwards. No hassle.

SnapAbout Photobooth... Albums

This is the shoot+print+stick+organise options for the SnapAbout Photobooth. What it means is that we will shoot your guests in the booth, print their faces right there, then trim and stick their prints into a SnapAbout Photobooth Album (on the night!!!) for you to either just take home or to use as your guest book. All taken care of!

The SnapAbout Photobooth Album is buckram bookcloth covered 9"x 9" album showcasing all the best images from the SnapAbout shoot included in your coverage. We can actually assemble these on the night (did we mention that already?!) within about an hour of the SnapAbout photobooth closing, and then pass them over to you for use as your guest book. Each of the SnapAbout celebrities can sign their picture and you then have the loveliest keepsake.

Please refer to the White Album pages in the Art& Style gallery for a sample peek of an album featuring some of the funnest and funniest shoots we've encountered so far, all bound up in a lovely lttle SnapAbout Photobooth Album.

There are times when you just want to be alone... in a photobooth... with a huge pair of sunglasses, a moustache, a Hawaiian lei and a "BOO" sign. We totally get that. We're not here to judge.

Oh, did I mention the pink stethoscope? Also very necessary given the circumstances.

This is where we get to see your guests personalities SHINE. All helped along with a glass or two of WINE. Hahahaha.

It is one of the funnest parts of our job, and as documentary makers it still has a place. When we see the transformation throughout the day from quite-reserved, on-our-best-behaviour-because-it's-a-wedding into what-the-?-of-course-I-need-the-scuba-mask at the photobooth, we love your guests just about as much as you do. Even if it is just for a little while x

SnapAbout Photobooth... at Birthday Parties



We can theme the SnapAbout Photobooth for a particular interest or passion. Or just let them be silly. We can team up with a face painter or balloon-shape-maker and the children can have photographs of the results. We can print a copy for take-home and a copy for the guest / birthday book. We can stick everything into a guest / birthday book that you provide and the kids can decorate it or sign their names / write a message.

Grown Up's.

There is no limitation on age. Let us do our first 90th... please!!!! How fun would that be.

SnapAbout Photobooth... at Hen's Shows


OK so we're pretty sure what goes on at the Show, stays at the Show. But it's just a thought.

SnapAbout Photobooth... at Engagement Parties


We can set up the SnapAbout Photobooth and then you can take advantage of our beautiful SnapAbout Album optio to have all your printing mounted. You could then bring this along to the wedding to use as your guest book. Or you could add to it at the wedding and have a few 'Before / After' scenarios with your guests.

SnapAbout Photobooth... at Weddings


We reserve the SnapAbout Photobooth for our own weddings only. We don't loan it out to weddings being shot by other companies. It's for our clients first and foremost.

One of the best ideas to evolve through some of our clever clients is the use of the SnapAbout Photobooth for pre-dinner drinks and canapes. This is a particularly good idea as the nights draw in and the sunshine disappears earlier and earlier each week towards the winter. The trend for games on the lawns through the pre-dinner / canapes section of the afternoon can be more risky as the weather becomes less a 'given' and this is where the photobooth shines on!

We can set the SnapAbout Photobooth up anywhere, we need about 2 metres square and a power sorce.That's it. So, if the weather's looking iffy or even just to do something different, the SnapAbout Photobooth can be a perfect solution.

In addition, we have some A4 frames on board for use in the booth. We think it's a cool idea for your guests to write out their wedding advice to you, or just something nice about you, and have their photo taken with their message. This can then be stuck into your guest book and becomes a keepsake for you. And the guest can be sent the jpeg version you get on the disk / USB with your wedding images. You can remind them of their advice by putting their image on a mink Postcard / Thank you card and sending it back!

It's a great way to entertain your guests and get the party started, whatever the weather, location or conditions!

Love x
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