After 5 years of renting studio space, on top of 5 years spent driving to the four corners of the earth and meeting in coffee shops, we have our own little space. It's small but it's comfortable. Perfect for what we do.

So please contact us if you wish to make a viewing appointment... it's not scary, just you and us and a coffee table full of albums and proof books to look through.

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Our Team


We work together as a team on each wedding shot at mink. We are a team. you will probably meet most of us at your wedding because we tag in and out of each weekend. This is for a couple of reasons.

We've been doing this work now for 11 years. It's easy to get burnt out working every weekend throughout the most social months of the year, and we try to share the load. We are also all really good at what we do (can't help it, it's true). So it's unfair for one or two of us to have the lions-share of the work. We are all talented and passionate documentary makers and we all want to experience your moments and expand our experience. So we share the work out.

This works for us and perhaps we're unique in this. But don't be alarmed. For us it's normal, and you'll benefit from it too.


Love x
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