2013 Spring<br>White Magazine #19

White Magazine ticks a lot of wedding-y boxes for us as advertisers and for the market we are working for. People who are unique and original, a high hand-madeness (word?), real stuff going on, limited tulle-wearing, minimal tiara-wearing and ZERO prima-donaness (another word?). Perfect.

This is their manifesto, see if it appeals...

"We are here to inspire, encourage and challenge and to bring back the meaning of true love. To create a positive change in our culture. To re-establish those old fashioned values and to ignite a fire into relationships that go the distance"

Aaaaah. Thank the Universe.


Gallery image
Gallery image

Our ad featuring Claire + Kirt.

Loved the bowties, the vintage-inspired dresses (knee-length of course), location (Langmeil Winery, Barossa Valley)... check out more in the mink wedding gallery.


Gallery image
Love x
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