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We are inspired by the impact of good documentary. It's about telling a story... connecting with others, sharing something universal in a unique way. It's about family, friends, experiences and memories. Sharing, telling, observing and documenting.

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If you love our eye for observation and the way we capture experience and would genuinely like us to capture your day we will find a way to make it happen on your budget. 

New York Times One in 8 Million photo-doco series

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We'll remind you to be present in the moment, to make room through all the last-minute organising for real-life excitement. To take a breath and enjoy the moments as you live them. To acknowledge and include the people you love most, parents as well as friends. To not get carried away with button-hole-pinning, visitors arriving, stitch unpicking. To remember it's partly about a couple's choices but also about a family's support... and completely about people who love you and love to see you happy.

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We are preferred suppliers of the following:

The Lane Vineyard :: http://www.thelane.com.au/

Bird In Hand Winery :: http://www.birdinhand.com.au/

Glen Ewin Estate :: http://glenewinestate.com.au/

Botanic Gardens :: http://www.botanicgardenweddings.com.au/

Longview Vineyard :: http://www.longviewvineyard.com.au/

Deviation Road Winery :: http://www.deviationroad.com/

We've plenty of weddings to show you from each location and we're only too happy to guide you on timings required and places we can shoot. Happy to give you our honest opinions of these amazing venues too... and we have plenty of Florists, Hire (vintage and not), Video, Make Up and Hair recommendations for you if you need them. We do this every weekend.

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Our job is to bring our art to the scene and use this art to reflect the truth of a pretty mammoth occassion. Weddings are awkward, energetic, stressful, emotional, beautiful and dramatic... each event life-changing and unique in every way.

Documentaries are about places as well as people. Recording the energy, the weather, the local landmarks and icons, the time we are here and what is happening around us. We tell the stories of these times and places, which then go on to inform our memories. By watching carefully and photographing deliberately, we catch the real moments...recording more than just the obvious.

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As a result of our focus on genuine human connection, and the results of this focus in our documentary-making, we have started each wedding we book with an all-inclusive little warm-up session. We get to see the relationship dynamic without the pressure of the wedding, observe body language and learn the comfort zone limitations. It means that when we walk into that living room in the middle of the mayhem that is the wedding preparation, we are recognised as friends, not just photographers.

This is how we are able to get all the most important moments, and the real emotion behind them.

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So when you book us, you have everything you need photographically. There's nothing more to add. You have your

+ WARM UP shoot before the big day (images supplied via dropbox link - high resolution);

+ WEDDING DAY shoot, with a schedule that has been designed around your day from your peparations through to the dancefloor antics;

+ ACTION covered by two photographers for the majority part of the day;

+ USB of high resolution images from the Wedding Shoot;

+ ALBUM, size depending on which you select.

And best of all, you get the experience, teamwork and service that only we can provide having honed our art throghout the past decade in the Adelaide industry. That's an all inclusive, no-tricks, all-you-can-see buffet of imagery loveliness!

Love x
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